Program runs from June 1 to August 10


Difficulty: Easy Easy

Distance: 0.63 miles

Restrooms: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes

Stroller Friendly: Yes

Playground: Yes

Wheelchair Friendly: Yes

Location: Long’s Park

GPS Coordinates

Your Keys to Adventure

  1. After entering the park, drive past/around the lake. Next, turn right and go around the wetlands. Keep going around until you can turn left to park at the parking area facing the big brown and green playground with a black fence on Goldfinch Road.
  2. To start your hike, face away from the playground, carefully cross the road, and turn right onto the sidewalk path.
  3. Keep following the path, passing the pond on your right.
  4. As you approach the pond (facing the pond), carefully cross the street, turning left onto another sidewalk path.
  5. Next, turn left onto New Killdeer Road, and walk along the left side of the road on the sidewalk path.
  6. Continue walking past some picnic tables on your left.
  7. As you see a new path begin on your left (near a black lamppost), turn left and follow the paved route.
  8. When you come to a bridge on your right, turn right and follow it around to the paved route on your left, enjoying the beautiful wetland scenery as you go.
  9. Follow the path to your right, passing more wetlands on your right.
  10. Continue following the path to the left. You should see the post just past the bridge ahead.
  11. To return to your car, continue following the path ahead, turning left onto the sidewalk path when you reach the road.
  12. Continue walking along the left side of the road, passing the barn and animals on your right.
  13. As you approach the big playground once again, turn left onto Goldfinch Road and find your car in the parking area.

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